Information about TAILGREETER

How it works

How it works

It's simple! 

1. Search for a tailgate by typing either an event name, or location into the search bar
2. Browse through the available listings, and pick one that works for you
3. Pay for your passes and make contact with your host for the day
4. Show up in party-mode

VOILA! It's that simple. Just like that you get to experiencing what it's like to prepare with the faithful fans before a big game! You have access to our hosts through messages, and can ask whatever questions you have for them before deciding which tailgate is best for you. Hosts always reserve the right to invite as many or as few people as they want for any given tailgate. 

Once you've enjoyed your tailgate, we ask both parties to leave a review about the experience. This ensures that people are respectful, and both parties hold up their end of the bargain. Additionally, both hosts and guests are encouraged to share any photos or experiences as well! This helps us build trust between our hosts and the guests looking to join a tailgate.  Don't worry if it's your first time TAILGREETING; we recommend making contact with the host that you are interested in and introducing yourself! Sometimes it works in everyone's best interest to know what your story is beforehand.