The Scenario

As fans of the tailgate experience, brothers and co-founders, Nick and Mirko, 

stumbled on the problem of how hard tailgating could be while trying to plan a 

road trip to Alabama (Roll Tide), the idea of Tailgreeter was born. The idea was 

simple: create a marketplace that would give fans access to great tailgates 

everywhere they go! Instead of having to tailgate on their own, fans join together 

with a group of people that are already out there! Everyone gets to join in on all of 

the fun without any of the hassles. Whether it's the food and drink recipes, or the 

games and traditions, the tailgating experience is guaranteed to make memories that 

will last a lifetime. Tailgreeter was founded to tell these stories of fascinating communities 

of tailgaters so that more people can experience the best way to spend a day. 


In the parking lot, everyone is welcome. Fans show up in droves to support and take pride in 

competing for the title of Most Passionate. The pregame festivities set the stage for the day 

and have earned their place as a necessary piece of a complete gameday experience. The 

tailgate itself is a way for fans to express their love and passion for a team and city, and has 

become representative of everything that makes this world great. The camaraderie and 

community in the parking lots allow everyone to be themselves no matter where they’re from 

or what they’re passionate about. When it comes down to it, there’s no denying the allure of the 

gameday experience, and tailgating is the glue that holds it all together. 


Tailgreeter also gives the community access to a suite of features that makes hosting easier, including 

the ability to charge ahead of time, organize accurate guest lists, send out mobile notifications, check guests in when they get there, and more! Tailgreeter can also help add visibility to a tailgate, introduce sponsorship opportunities, and is always looking for ways to support the charities and fundraising efforts of every host. Tailgating together can help make the world a better place one parking lot at a time. Tailgreeter invites you to join what one wise man from Texas described as “the last great American neighborhood.”


What can Tailgreeter do for me?

We’ve spent the last few years talking to thousands of different tailgaters from all different walks of life. You spoke, we listened. Tailgreeter makes both hosting and attending tailgates easier. 

What can Tailgreeter do for Hosts?

What can Tailgreeter do for Guests?



Easy to use website dashboard, mobile app, qr code ticketing, guest management tools, location services


Sponsorship opportunities, support for local charities, brand partnerships

Share your story

Social media integration, host highlights, advertising opportunities, community participation

Easy Access

No set-up or clean up, show up whenever you want, leave whenever you want, travel without the hassle of bringing equipment


Stay up to date with everything going on, guarantee yourself a spot at a tailgate, easy to use, easy to check in and find your tailgate, access to tailgates no matter where you go


Meet new people, experience authentic tailgates, show up and enjoy

Easy Access.png

A message from our CEO and Founder

I’ve been a fan of live events and tailgating for as long as I can remember! Once you’re out in the parking 

lot, everything going on in the rest of the world seems to disappear. For a few hours, the only thing that 

matters is the people around you. I loved that feeling, and quickly realized I wasn’t the only one. The problem was how difficult it was to replicate that feeling if I was going to a different stadium. So, to solve that problem, I teamed up with my brother and started reaching out to other tailgate hosts around the country. Every person we talked to had a fascinating story about their tailgates, including starting incredible and unique traditions, and building these amazing communities filled with the most welcoming people we had ever come across. 

The goals of Tailgreeter very quickly became obvious: 

  • Tell the stories of these amazing tailgate hosts to anyone willing to listen

  • Make tailgating more accessible everywhere by giving fans the opportunity to tailgate together instead of trying to do it themselves

  • Help amplify the charitable efforts going on at each tailgate 

  • Build the most helpful set of features to make hosting easier for more people to be able to do it

We have the knowledge and the know-how of the business and tech side of the company, and our hosts have the knowledge and know-how to make tailgating easy so that everyone can experience the best way to spend a day. We look forward to building these relationships and show how important the tailgate is to a complete gameday experience. 

This past year has shown me that there is no better time than now to get out and enjoy spending time with friends and family, meet new and interesting people, experience incredible local traditions all over the country, and of course, eat, drink, and be merry! Thank you for giving us a chance to be a part of your story.